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The Blackouts has been the most successful LED show act in Switzerland for ten years. They blend captivating music, dance, acrobatic elements, and original light effects with the latest LED technology to create breathtaking shows. For a decade now, their performances have brought a sparkle to the eyes of the audience.

Whether it's corporate events, exclusive celebrations, or large public gatherings – an LED show by The Blackouts is the best choice for any event! With their custom-tailored show concepts, they offer a modern way of communicating with the audience. As a highlight, images, logos, or even texts can be integrated into the show, conveying personal messages.

The Blackouts | Ultimate LED Light Shows

Now they have continued their success story: The Blackouts were part of this year's season of «Das Supertalent» and reached the final. The TV show gave them the chance to showcase their talent to an audience of millions on television and win the hearts of many new viewers.

It all began at the gymnastics entertainment event in 2014 hosted by the Turnverein Flums. Four friends from Walenstadt presented their first show featuring LED suits. Following the performance, they received their first inquiries, leading to their initial appearances in Switzerland. In 2016, they showcased their talent on the SRF show 'Die grössten Schweizer Talente' (Switzerland's Got Talent), reaching the grand finale with their impressive LED show. This marked the start of a journey with numerous performances on national and international stages. Highlights from recent years include their performance at the Swiss Days 2019 in Dubai, another final appearance on the SRF show 'Stadt Land Talent' in 2021, and the tour with Young Artists in DAS ZELT.

During this time, they continuously enhanced the LED suits and technology. They now consist of 1,800 small LED lights capable of shining in various colors and patterns. The light effects are precisely programmed to the beat of the music within 25 milliseconds.

Moreover, they have since built up a dedicated team of 15 members, including dancers, technicians, and marketing specialists. In 2022, they took the significant step towards independence by founding artGate GmbH. Since then, double or even triple bookings have become possible, and the offering has expanded to include a Solo Show, a Duo Show and a Drum Show.

Our Story

Our Achievements

Our successes are reflected in exhilarating shows that have gained international acclaim, impressing through innovation, creativity, and unique performances.


SRF Final

Switzerland's Got Talent


Opening Ceremony

European Curling Championships


Swiss Days Dubai

United Arabic Emirates


SRF Final

Stadt Land Talent


DAS ZELT Tournee

Young Artists


Opening Show

Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Championships


RTL Final

Das Supertalent

The Blackouts | Ultimate LED Light Shows
Jonas Schneider - Technik | Programmierung | Tänzer - The Blackouts
Jonas Schneider

Technician | Programmer


The adventurous programmer knows no obstacles, only challenges. Anything the tech enthusiast doesn't yet know, they learn and implement right away.

  • LinkedIn
Elias Schneider - Management | Finanzen | Tänzer - The Blackouts
Elias Schneider

Management | Finance

The passionate entrepreneur caters to the needs of customers and assembles the appropriate offer. His task is to make the impossible possible.

  • LinkedIn
Raphael Broder
Raphael Broder

Showcreation | Trainingmanager


The creative mind of the team brings the show from paper to the stage. He invests a lot of passion in every rehearsal and works closely with the dancers to study the choreography.

  • LinkedIn
Manuel Wildhaber - Personal | Equipment | Tänzer  - The Blackouts
Manuel Wildhaber

Staff | Equipment


The communicative team player takes care of the well-being of the Blackouts family and puts his craftsmanship into the construction of the equipment and the LED suits.

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Robin Bless

Head of Content


The master of digital storytelling brings a breath of fresh air and new perspectives. He strategically places compelling stories and current content across various platforms.

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Our Team

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